Understanding Fats Part 2 with Durwin Banks at Oxford Real Farming Conference 2017

Durwin Banks is a Linseed Farmer or Flaxseed Farmer to others. In this presentation at the Oxford Real Farming Conference 2017 Durwin talks about his journey with linseed (flax seed) and how he has learnt about the important role of essential fats, more specifically Omega 3 and how we all need to understand how important this fat is to our all round health.

This is Part 2 of Understanding Fats at the Oxford Real Farming Conference 2017 with Durwin Banks.

You may wish to check out Part 1 with Richard Young first.

Part 1 was presented by Richard Young, Policy Director of the Sustainable Food Trust. Richard gave a brilliant expose of the "Big FAT Lie", which has been at the root of a lot of the diseases we suffer from. One man, Ancel Keys, was able to influence government policy by his so called 7 Countries Study. His line on a graph of these 7 countries seemed to show a link with cardio vascular disease and saturated fat. Richard also explained in such an easily understandable way, how making such a big mistake changed us from getting our fat from grass to getting our fat from rain forests, with the consequential disastrous effects on the biosphere.

Durwin Banks

Durwin Banks
The Linseed Farm