Linseed FAQs

Is your Linseed (Flax seed) Oil Organic?

You can buy both Organic Linseed (Flax seed oil) Oil and naturally grown Linseed Oil from our online shop. The choice is yours. We are happy that both Oils are of the highest quality.

How do you press the seed?

Our fractionator for cleaning seed
Before pressing, the seed will be passed through the cleaner, passing through a stream of air and over sieves to reduce large and small particles, and elevated to the hopper above screw press then falls by gravity to feed the press. On passing through the press the oil runs into a steam cleaned barrel below and the residue is formed into cylindrical nuts that drop into a big bag at the end of the press. There is still a quantity of linseed oil left in the nuts and these provide excellent food value for livestock. A local farmer collects these to feed to his cows.
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How often do you press the oil?             

We press weekly. It is of the highest importance to our business that we send fresh oil to our customers and none is older than 10 days. Each 500ml or 250ml bottle of our Culinary Linseed Oil will possess a silver "pressed date" label. When the required amount of oil has been collected the press is stopped and the pressing barrel is labelled, moved and allowed to settle for 48 hours before the oil is then run off through unbleached muslin into containers for bottling. We do not force the issue, we allow nature to take it's course and because of this the oil retains more of it's energy.      

How do you bottle the oil?           

The oil is carefully bottled by hand to ensure care, quality and to show the love for our product.  No pumping or gases used here.  Remember we want to retain this magnificent products energy.

How much linseed (flax seed) do you need to produce oil?

From 1 ton of linseed (flax seed) we can realise about 250 litres of oil.


How do you make the milled linseed or ground flax seed meal?

In the case of meal, seeds are passed through a mill where they are ground and vacuum packed immediately to retain freshness and goodness.  We are always milling to ensure our customers receive the freshest ground linseed (flax seed) possible.  Our ground linseed meal will carry a milled date and a best before date.  See the benefits here.


Linseed or Flaxseed - That is the Question?

In the UK Linseed is Linseed and Flaxseed is Flaxseed.  The confusion really lies in the use and where in the world you come from.  In North America (USA and Canada) they refer to all seed, whether linseed or flaxseed as Flax.  Where as in England Linseed is a shorter stemmed plant that has many more seeds.  Flax (Flaxseed) has a longer stem and people who grow Flax are growing it to use the stem as a Fibre.  They can then choose to make clothes (linen), rope (Lord Nelson) and even boats (Flaxland).  The longer stem means the plant puts all its energy in to the stem and not its seeds, therefore fewer seeds!  We are farmers so it is our job to get the best possible yield to supply this super food to our customers and Linseed is what we grow, press and deliver.  If you like you can watch our video explaining: "What is the difference between Linseed & Flax?"

Nutritionally the flaxseed and linseed are the same.

What does it taste like?

Our fresh Linseed Oil is very mild with a distinctive nutty flavour and a light texture.  Our new customers are pleasantly surprised when they try it. This is possibly because they have tried other oils that are not fresh and are expecting a bitter rancid taste. The Linseed Farm Linseed oil is always pressed in small amounts to ensure the highest quality so you always get the freshest, most superior tasting oil possible.

Can I use the Linseed oil in cooking?

No, not for frying or roasting! We recommend that you do not use the oil in cooking. Ideally you should use the oil cold and not cook at all with it. This way the goodness in the oil will not be destroyed.

If I can't cook with the oil, how do I use it?

You can use the linseed oil in salad dressings, smoothies or mixed in to porridge .

You can check out our 
recipesor videosfor inspiration to incorporate in your daily diet.  This is a really healthy boost of the essential fatty acid Omega 3.

How should the oil be stored?

It's best to keep the oil in the fridge and if needed, you can freeze the oil for up to 4 months.
Our Fresh Culinary Linseed (Flaxseed) Oil in Glass 250ml

How long does the oil and meal last for?

Use your fresh oil within 2 months of receipt from us or by the best before date.  The average person in good health will only need a desert spoon a day. If you are following a special diet then you may need a bit more. Our bodies are generally very good at telling us how much we need! You should get through the oil in the recommended 2 months if using the above amounts. Remember though, you must get into the habit of taking our Linseed Oil each day.


When you say Fresh, how Fresh is it?     

No culinary Linseed oil or meal leaves the farm older than 10 days from being pressed or milled, now that's Fresh and we do not know anyone that can compete with this! You will notice on our bottles that we place a small silver label with a press date on it. This lets you know when the oil was pressed, ensuring you get fresh oil all the time with the great taste that is associated with our oil. Far better than a bottle that has a long shelf life.  Our linseed/flaxseed meal is milled on a demand basis so it is also fresh from the farm. 


I bought Linseed (Flax seed) Oil from a shop and noticed a bitter taste?

This is because the oil is rancid. Air and Oil react with each other and will cause the oil to have the unpleasant bitter taste, which is not nice! We say that this is when the oil should be used for cricket bats or your woodwork - not for you as a food! 


What's the difference between the Life Pods and the Vege Pods?

Linseed (Flaxseed) Oil in Capsules
The 120 Life pods are our original pods. They are a 1000mg with a marine gelatine sourced shell. The Vege pods are 1000mg in size and are made with Modified Corn Starch, Glycerol BP and Carrageenan shell. We recommend the Vege pods for Vegans, children who may be unhappy about taking oil or those following a special diet. The pods do not repeat on you like other Fish oil-based capsules and both contain the same high quality Linseed oil as used in the Culinary Oil.

How many pods should I take a day?

If you are in good health we recommend 2-4 pods a day.

When can I expect my order?

We always try and dispatch your order within 48 hours of receipt. Generally you can expect it to be within 24 hours by first class post or one of our couriers depending on the size of your order.

Can my children take the Oil?

Yes, everyone should be taking the oil as it is rich in Omega 3 (ALA) something that the western diet lacks, from pregnant mothers through to senior members of society! Children can benefit especially as it can help with concentration and that all important brain matter.