Found - Weapons of Mass Destruction

I have found the weapons of mass destruction; they were here all the time - in the supermarkets and the grocery shops.

Actually these weapons fall into two main categories; direct and indirect mass destruction. Direct mass destruction has an impact straight away on the environment. Indirect mass destruction is promoting human disease through food production related to the direct mass destruction.

The main examples of the direct kind are the destruction of the rain forests. In the Far East for the growing of Palm oil, vast tracts of virgin forest are burnt producing ash clouds and creating global warming. There is as well, the slaughter of all the wild animals that depend on them. In the West of the world it is the Amazon that is destroyed for the planting of soya and more. Both these rain forest destructions lead to more run off and more flooding.

It does not need air strikes or the toppling of dictators to get rid of these weapons, it needs you! These weapons have, by stealth, infiltrated our lives. They have become so common that you do not even realise they are there, or even the damage they do. This kind of damage is called indirect destruction. It is almost more damaging than the direct kind because of its terrorist nature, sleeping cells, but continuously undermining health.

It is nationally acknowledged that food damages health and the scale of food related disease is far greater than our ability to cure. Sugar has recently been talked about as a problem, hoorah! But, is there any willingness to take action? I fear not! Far more damaging are fats that make up every cell wall in your body and create the defence mechanism to prevent illness and keep you well. It is this fat, largely grown where rain forests should be, that gets into your food chain and does the damage. The huge quantities available mean all food may contain at least some of the kind of fat not required for us to remain healthy.

The delicate balance between the essential fats Omega 3 and Omega 6 which remains the same as our Stone Age ancestors is one to one. Our food chain now routinely produces ten, fifteen or even twenty times more of the Omega 6 type; this is at the root of many inflammatory diseases.

Just begin to read food and packaging labels and you will find that palm oil is in so much of our food now, it is a new phenomenon, and it seems to be replacing healthy saturated fat for cooking.

However, it is the soya and corn oil that is implicated in the alteration of that healthy balance of the omega fats we need. The residue from making soya and corn oil is in the animal food chain. Animal feed of all kinds is also the reason for much rain forest destruction most animals need a natural diet. Cattle especially, are foragers and should not be fattened with unnatural foods for them, as this changes their fatty acids i.e. the Omega 3/6 balance we need. When cattle graze old pasture with a mix of plants and shrubs they make Omega 3 naturally in their body and so therefore it is healthier for us.

The direct kind of destruction carries on in spite of all the climate change discussions. This may point to corruption and we are apparently powerless to stop forest destruction because of powerful forces. Continual political pressure is needed to make change so you are not off the hook.

The indirect kind of destruction requires “you” to take action when you buy food! Please do not buy foods that contain palm oil. Do not eat fish and chips cooked in palm or any vegetable oil, do not roast or fry with oil that is liquid at room temperature, only use fat (lard, butter) that is solid at room temperature and this does not mean margarine or even spray, and please tell all your friends.

Recently, scientific papers indicated that cooking at high temperature causes carcinogenic compounds to be made. You are already aware that incidence of cancer is increasing at an alarming rate. Making changes to your food regime will not only help you and your family, but will reduce the pressure to plant more damaging crops where there should be trees.

I really hope you see the link I am making and will genuinely try to help by making these changes for yourself. This is a message from a heart-centred farmer, who believes education is the way to make informed decisions. Please let me make you aware I am happy to give talks or use any means to disseminate information you require to fully understand and in turn make more informed decisions.

Love and healing,

Durwin Banks

Durwin Banks
The Linseed Farm