Menopause at a glance

The purpose of this guide is to highlight areas for further research to encourage and support women to seek and get advice from many avenues.

In simple terms the menopause is your ovaries stop producing specific hormones. It happens over a number of years and the major physical sign is the end of periods and therefore fertility.

For us humans, change of any kind can be difficult and distressing. Just when we need all our coping strategies nature seems to have thrown us a curved menopause ball. Research suggests that women have two basic coping strategies, one is, acceptance, it is a normal part of ageing, two, this is some kind of illness. This same research seems to suggest that women who follow the first approach may have an easier time.

Women often have little understanding of what is happening to them and their men, well, what chance have they got. It is a recipe for conflict. So, understanding and willingness to talk it through is a big part of making this bearable for couples.

The normal part of ageing approach maybe to look at diet and linseed is one of the few foods that contain phytoestrogens, and this type of oestrogen is a very good natural hormone replacement. It would also be good to reduce drinking and smoking.

Those who follow route two may look at hormone replacement therapy and for some this will be an acceptable choice. Always look at the whole body and be careful not to just treat symptoms.

Almost certainly whatever way you choose, it will be a mixture of different things that will help you through, anything that helps is OK.

So there you have it, permission to accept the menopause, share, enquire, and live.

The biggest tip I can give you is to just carry on loving yourself.

Durwin Banks

Durwin Banks
The Linseed Farm

Menopause at a glance